About Us


Marrs Woodworking


Located outside of Denver, Colorado, Marrs Woodworking creates one-of-a-kind pieces that combine art with function in order to bring comfort, style, and a sense of individuality to any space. Founded in 2007 by artist and craftsman Trevor Marrs, his company is geared to bring a fresh perspective to the world of design and custom woodworking. By relying on traditional craftsmanship, hand tools and high quality materials, we build objects that withstand the test of time, and cater to the unique space, personality, and/or needs of our clientele.

From jewelry to sculpture to furniture, no object is too small or too large to escape the skills and knowledge of our vision. Although we specialize in wood, we enjoy the challenge of finding new materials and processes to ensure your project exceeds your expectations. As Picasso once said, "Art washes from the soul, the dust of everyday life", we too believe in creating work that provides our clients with an escape from the mundane, and a future free from conformity.